A new game engine

Create 3D games and experiences for web, mobile and VR by using web technologies with Hology Engine.

Getting started

Join the open beta

We are now in the final stages before launch and making it possible for anybody to start developing with Hology Engine. Download the editor to get started.

Feature highlight

Landscape sculpting

Create vast worlds with landscapes that can be sculpted in the editor. Paint areas to assign different materials. Sections are automatically loaded or removed based on camera view distance for performance.

Landscape sculpting in Hology Engine

Feature highlight


A high performance built in physics engine enables accurate collision detection, ray casting and physics simulations.

Physics engine showing boxes falling

Feature highlight

Character movement

The engine comes with a kinematic character movement component, an animation system able to play different animations for upper and lower body, seamlessly blending between animations based on movement state transitions.

External link iconTry it out in this demo
3D character showcasing animation

Feature highlight

Custom shaders

Create graphical effects by writing your own GPU shaders with a node based system enabling you to write shaders directly in Typescript. The shaders are integrated in the editor so that they can be parameterized and reused.

Custom shader to produce a water material

Feature highlight

Procedural foliage

Create grass and other foliage automatically across landscapes that adapt to the angle of surfaces and vertex painted areas.

Procedural generation of instanced grass and foliage